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Accomplished Fayetteville Attorneys Litigate Real Estate Cases

Quality representation in Arkansas for commercial and residential disputes

Disputes over real estate have a special place in the law, because real property by its nature is a unique asset. Thus, any dispute over property must take into consideration the singular aspects of the tract and its potential for commercial exploitation. This means the attorney who represents your interests must possess certain qualities to be successful. Your attorney must have sufficient empathy to appreciate your connection to the property and your vision for its use or development, balanced by experience in decidedly unsentimental litigation in all aspects of real estate law. At Cox, Cox & Estes, P.L.L.C., our attorneys are highly responsive to our clients and pursue their litigation goals passionately. However, our vast experience in residential and commercial real estate litigation also enables us to offer candid assessments of the costs and benefits of your real estate dispute. When you retain Cox & Estes, PLLC, passion and realism combine to deliver the best possible results.

Experienced Fayetteville lawyers resolve conflicts over real estate

The 1995 law that that made Arkansas “The Natural State” lists reasons for the moniker in glowing terms: “unsurpassed scenery, clear lakes, free-flowing streams, magnificent rivers, meandering bayous, delta bottomlands, forested mountains, and abundant fish and wildlife.” But while the land in Arkansas may be idyllic, conflicts over property can be cynical and cut-throat. If you engage in a real estate dispute in our state, you can trust our professional team of litigation attorneys to protect your rights aggressively.

Cox & Estes, PLLC manages commercial and residential real estate cases related to:

  • Breach of contract or warranty
  • Boundary disputes
  • Collections
  • Commercial evictions and foreclosures
  • Condominium and homeowner association law
  • Construction disputes
  • Easement disputes
  • Eminent domain and reverse condemnation
  • Financing disputes
  • Forcible entry and detainer
  • Lease disputes
  • Liens
  • Nondisclosure claims
  • Purchase and sale
  • Quiet title actions
  • Zoning and land use disputes

Whatever the nature of your real estate dispute, Cox & Estes, PLLC pursues the best possible outcome passionately and professionally.

Contact an established Fayetteville, Arkansas law firm for your real estate dispute

If you need quality litigation services for a real estate matter in Fayetteville or anywhere throughout Arkansas, Cox, Cox & Estes, P.L.L.C. is prepared to help. Call us at 479-595-8828 or contact Cox & Estes, PLLC online to schedule an appointment. Our office is located at 3900 N. Front Street, just off business route 71 in Fayetteville.


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